Since I had to get out of the single-speed business, the next logical step was to get some gears.  I got this work of art from Carver Bikes in Maine.  The Gnarvester!  It’s their 29+ bike (29×3″ tires, similar to the Krampus).  It’s taken a while for me to gather up all the parts it needed, but it did come together eventually.  I’ll have a full review done some time in the near future.  After taking it out for it’s maiden voyage this weekend I can say that it was worth the wait.  Photos added to make Wil happy.

It started out like this.
It started out like this….
When done, it looked like this.
When done, it looked like this.  It’ll never be this clean again, ever.
(comment goes here)
(comment goes here)
the cockpit view
the cockpit view
So many gears!!
First ride.
First ride.
More dirt!




3 thoughts on “Multi-speed

  1. Wil Blanchard

    Oh man, the full on jonesing begins, right now! I will be eagerly awaiting your review. Can’t wait to bug you for a test ride.

    1. I don’t know. So far, I’m a bit slower on the climbs with gears but that may just be that it’s still early in the season. it certainly is a traction advantage. .

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