Yard Sale – Part 1

It’s spring and it’s now time to start clearing out the basement.  First item up for grabs is my Giant Seek0.  This is still a great bike, but all it’s utility is now served by my Jamis ‘cross bike.  This bike makes an awesome commuter.  So here it is, for sale.  Pretty much everything is stock except for the grips which are now a set of white Kona lock-ons.  It is in great condition and fully functional (okay, the rear brake may need to be bled).   This is a size “Large” which is roughly a 21″ frame (23.4″ top tube).  Giant still has the specs for this model on-line.  Asking $550.

The actual bike as it is today.
The actual bike as it is today.

My original review of this bike can be found here.

Giant Seek 0
Stock Giant Seek 0

You can contact me at yaardvark@gmail.com if interested.  I’m only doing an in person sale.  I will not do escrow deals, money orders, or trade for anything other than a Surly Krampus.  I will not ship the bike anywhere.  At all.  Ever.


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