Closed for the Season

Well, we’ve wrapped up another season at Kingdom Trails yesterday.  It’s always a bit depressing when the non-winter seasons hit these types of official milestones.  I can’t, or shouldn’t, complain much.  I managed to pretty much maximize my time on the trails this summer, getting out at least a couple of times a week all summer long.  It’s pretty easy to get spoiled with a great trail network just a few miles from home.

Looking back over the summer, this season was a bit odd.  We had snow in May, enough rain in June to make even Darling Hill soggy for what seemed like forever and blowdowns every where in July.  It seemed like every time I went out for a ride the trail crew had put in another bridge or rerouted around another worn section of trail.  Lots of work that often gets taken for granted.

I got out on Wednesday for my last ride since Thursday wasn’t looking to be very nice in terms of weather.  It turned out to be a leisurely ride but enjoyable.  Thursday turned out to be a cold, wet, miserable day; so it was good to get a ride while the conditions were good.  Now I have to sit tight for about six weeks waiting for the official opening of fat biking (Dec 15).  I’ll use the time to hit some of the class-4 roads, do some night rides, and maybe even just relax a bit since November isn’t the best month for much of anything outside.

I'm looking forward to this type of stuff when the ground is all white.
I’m looking forward to this type of stuff when the ground is all white.

2 thoughts on “Closed for the Season

    1. I usually find the end of the season to be very depressing. Now I’m really looking forward to getting out on the snow. I’m hoping to get in some big distance rides this winter. We should definitely coordinate some rides together.

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