It's the same cool grey color as Harold the Wonder Cat.
It’s the same cool grey color as Harold the Wonder Cat.

New bike!  While in Ludlow this past weekend, I bought a Jamis Nova Sport from my friend, Rick Trainer, at Mountain Cycology.  Not only did he sell me a bike, he also let me borrow one of his Miles Davis CDs.  How cool is that?  This bike is definitely on the low end of cyclocross bikes, but it fits my needs pretty well.   It will primarily be my commuter machine but also a gravel road diversion from my mountain bike.  I haven’t owned a road bike in over 10 years because the road biking around here isn’t all that great and I didn’t have anyone to ride with.  Fortunately, in addition to having great mountain biking, we also don’t have any shortage of dirt roads.  With all the wet weather we’ve been having lately, it’ll be good to have another option that doesn’t require ripping up the trails.  I’ll write up a review on it once I have at least a few hundred miles on it.

Just for the record, I have absolutely no intention of racing cyclocross this fall/winter.  The idea of a 45 minute race sounds like nothing but a prescription for suffering.  I don’t even feel warmed up until I’ve been out for an hour or so.  Besides, toward the end of a race, one of the major incentives for me is to ride faster to make the pain end more quickly.

Since I’ve been off the bike by doctors orders for the past week, it’s been really, really hard to look at this thing without some deep angst.  My stitches are supposed to come out today so this may get some use soon.  Nine days off the bike.  Nine. Yes, I’ve been going insane.

Sadly, this  also means that this thing is up for sale.  If you know anyone that would be interested in buying it, let me know and you can help mitigate my financial ruin.

For sale - make me an offer.
For sale – make me an offer.

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