Not Good

At least it wasn't on the down tube or something worse.
At least it wasn’t on the down tube or something worse.

I was out riding yesterday at Kingdom Trails when I noticed that something was creaking on my bike.  I’m generally pretty fussy about that since “bike noises” tend to drive me crazy.  As I went along, the noise became progressively more annoying.  About 3/4 of the way through my ride, I noticed a crack that went about 2/3 of the way around the upper seat tube.  Not exactly what I was hoping to see at that point.  Finding a frame crack 3 days before my first race of the season was not on my agenda.

Ultimately, this was a good thing to find it on Wednesday.  I was planning on Tuesday being my last long, hard ride on this bike, but that ride ended up being cut short.  Since I didn’t really get a good ride in on Tuesday, I squeezed one in on Wednesday instead.  I’m glad to have found the problem now rather than to discover it when I’m 200 miles from home at a race.

I was able to quickly swap all the critical parts of my race bike over to my Black Jabber last night so I should be in good shape for this weekend.  Now I have the issue of chasing down the warranty on this thing.  I’m trying to be optimistic even though the shop at which I purchased it is out of business and Vassago has since changed ownership.  It’ll be interesting.

It’s a good looking bike in black, too!


3 thoughts on “Not Good

    1. Thankfully, I’m not in the 200lbs range this season. I’m saving the fat bike in case it rains at Moody Park this year.

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