Winter Fat Biking

Beat Bog!
Beat Bog!

I’ve always been a bit frustrated by the short biking season around here.  I started pushing back against the inevitable about 20 years ago when I made my own set of studded tires with carbide core auto studs from the local auto parts dealer and some old Farmer John tires.   I rode quite a bit on icy dirt roads and snowmobile trails, but these rides were mostly for maintaining my fitness – a fun diversion from riding an indoor trainer.

Since then, I’ve developed a rather serious distaste for winter, especially since we haven’t had enough snow to get out snowshoeing. Having finally gotten a fat bike, my attitude towards the “other 6 months” has turned a full 180 degrees. (Yes, we usually have a full six months of winter weather up here.)  Technically, it is spring now, but Vermont seasons have never been strictly dictated by the calendar.   At this point, the winter definitely appears to be winding down for all practical purposes and I’m honestly going to miss it.  Actually, I wouldn’t object if we were to get some more snow so could get in a few more rides.  Below are a few semi-random photos that show a little of why I like winter biking.


2 thoughts on “Winter Fat Biking

    1. There are definitely some things about your climate that I’m very jealous of as well. We get a lot of winter so it’s best to make good use of it. 🙂

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