Hello? Hello….

The Mukluk: I still need one of these. Need.

If you’re one of the three or four people who follow my blog, and have been extremely bored lately, you might have noticed the lack of activity over the past few months.  Have I given up on it?  No, it’s just that I haven’t had much going on to write about lately.  Last winter I had several projects in the works with bike builds, work stands and other projects.  I’ve been laying low and generally muddling my way through life this winter. I’ve been working out a little but nothing that I would call training; I’m just trying to prevent excess muscle loss and not turn into a gelatinous lump due to inactivity.  This winter season has been even more lame than last year.  Too much snow and ice to bike on but not enough to justify getting out on the snowshoes.  I’m really wishing I could have come up with the cash for a Mukluk this year.  Unfortunately, that didn’t fit in the budget this time around.

I have updated the Events page for the upcoming season.  I still haven’t determined a formal schedule for this upcoming summer.  Probably number one on my list would be to race the VT50 since I missed it last year.  I also plan on hitting some of the races close to home that I really enjoy: The Pinnacle, Moody Park, Harding Hill and Millstone Grind.  I’ll probably go down to Mass. for Treasure Valley Rally as well.  I still am kicking around the idea of doing the 12 Hours of Bradbury or NH 100 but nothing is decided at this point.  I reserve the right to change any and all plans.  I will update the Events page as I learn about more upcoming races for the 2013 season.

For now, I’m trying hard to get over the never-ending flu that I contracted a couple of weeks ago.  I miss riding my bike.


3 thoughts on “Hello? Hello….

  1. There will be more to choose from next year. Fat bikes dot com. I like the bear grease but would love to ride a belt drive with internal gears. The nice thing is you can throw a set of fat 29″ hoops and tires on in the spring. Bradbury will be a must do. See how the season goes and figure out if you want to do it solo or 2 man SS or whatever. Fun time.

    1. I’m not sure how well belt drives would work with a good dose of ice and slush. Maybe it would be fine but that’s one I’d want to research. Internal gear hubs would definitely be nice. I have one on my commuter and it’s pretty low maintenance. I’m definitely open to a 2 man SS team.

  2. Mark, the center track system would be stellar on the fatbike. Joe is running it on his commuter. Although he doesn’t ride it much (ha) it was designed to eliminate belt jump from ice and slush.

    Ride at Trapps this coming Saturday! Maybe they have snow.

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