ubunrwintern Überwintern was a fatbike-only group ride on the Trapp XC ski trails put on by iRide, MTBVT and probably some others.  Nobody wore lederhosen even though it was suggested.  With those umlauts in the name it made me think of an 80s metal-band name rather than being Austrian.  Overall, it was a pretty good time.

When I arrived I missed the turn for the Trapp deli/bakery and drove up to the main lodge and the ski touring center.  I was driving my beater Subaru with the severed exhaust system; it’s worth quite a bit less than my bike.  I felt really out of place as I followed some European SUV with diplomatic plates up to the lodge.  It really is an exceptionally nice place; the kind of place that porta-potties would have been seriously out of line, unlike most bike events.

The event itself seemed to be pretty loosely organized.  I can’t say that for certain because I arrived quite late.  I won’t get into details, but it involved my usual morning sluggishness and getting stuck behind a really slow driver on Rt. 2.  I’m always late.  For everything.  All the time.  Apparently, a larger group had gone out before I arrived; but there were still a handful of people tooling around the parking lot.  After getting a trail pass and map in the deli, I managed to connect with some guys from Burlington and we headed out on the trails.

Typical trail for the day.
Typical trail for the day.

This was my first time out on a fat bike on a ride of any significance, and the bike worked really well.  The majority of the trails available to us were groomed XC ski trails.  We were limited to riding on one section of the ski trail network.  It’s not nearly as expansive as what Kingdom Trails has available but quite enjoyable nonetheless.  The snow was just soft enough to make things a little bit interesting but not really challenging.  Riding on the snow was really just plain fun.

At lunch, time I found Wil.  We went inside and ate at the bar.  It was a pretty nice place but quite busy.  We ate quickly and then headed back out for some more riding.  This time, we rode in the opposite direction from my morning loop and hit some stuff I had missed earlier.  It was snowing pretty hard by this time, and the accumulation on the trails was making things a little more challenging.  We finished out our ride with a section  of snow single-track.  That was a blast.

There was some talk about an “unofficial” race, but it sounded like it was going to be a downhill endeavor so I declined.  Generally speaking, I much prefer to race up a hill than down it.  I am still recovering from this never-ending-flu, so I wasn’t up to any kind of competition in either direction.  I was happy just to be out on a bike in February.


More photos below:

Small group
Our small groups merged on the trails.
The bike
The new bike on the single-track.
Wil at the stream crossing on the single-track.
Demo Bikes
Demo bikes were available to try out.

Hello? Hello….

The Mukluk: I still need one of these. Need.

If you’re one of the three or four people who follow my blog, and have been extremely bored lately, you might have noticed the lack of activity over the past few months.  Have I given up on it?  No, it’s just that I haven’t had much going on to write about lately.  Last winter I had several projects in the works with bike builds, work stands and other projects.  I’ve been laying low and generally muddling my way through life this winter. I’ve been working out a little but nothing that I would call training; I’m just trying to prevent excess muscle loss and not turn into a gelatinous lump due to inactivity.  This winter season has been even more lame than last year.  Too much snow and ice to bike on but not enough to justify getting out on the snowshoes.  I’m really wishing I could have come up with the cash for a Mukluk this year.  Unfortunately, that didn’t fit in the budget this time around.

I have updated the Events page for the upcoming season.  I still haven’t determined a formal schedule for this upcoming summer.  Probably number one on my list would be to race the VT50 since I missed it last year.  I also plan on hitting some of the races close to home that I really enjoy: The Pinnacle, Moody Park, Harding Hill and Millstone Grind.  I’ll probably go down to Mass. for Treasure Valley Rally as well.  I still am kicking around the idea of doing the 12 Hours of Bradbury or NH 100 but nothing is decided at this point.  I reserve the right to change any and all plans.  I will update the Events page as I learn about more upcoming races for the 2013 season.

For now, I’m trying hard to get over the never-ending flu that I contracted a couple of weeks ago.  I miss riding my bike.