Last Day (2012)

Kingdom Trails closed this week.  It was on Wednesday to be exact, which was a day earlier than planned.  Thanks to hurricane Sandy, they posted the closing notice on Wednesday morning; so Tuesday was actually the last day to ride.  Now I’m looking at a bleak six months of winter before I can get back out there.

I did manage to get out for my last ride on the last open day, Tuesday.  It was much warmer this year.  By this time last year, we already had several days with snow; and the trails were a vile mix of mud, snow and ice.  None of that this year.  The temperatures were in the low 60s and I was riding in shorts and a T-shirt.  While we had some rain from hurricane Sandy up here, it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.  The trails were only slightly muddy and there were only a few trees down across the trails.

My last ride was pretty low key.  I rode solo and just tried to get in a few of my preferred trails: Beat Bog,  Sugar House Run climb, Heaven’s Bench, and Pines.  I would have done a little more but I only had a short time after work and it grows dark very quickly this time of year.

While it’s sad to see the season officially end, we really had a great summer with very dry weather.  We have several new trails and saw more continuous improvements to the trail system.  I managed to get out a lot to ride and accumulated quite a few Strava KOMs around here.  I lost a few as well, but I haven’t really worked on taking them back.  There’s always next year for that stuff.

On a more positive note, I’ve heard rumors that Kingdom Trails will have some snow bike trails open through the winter this year.  Now all I need is one of these to get me through the winter:


4 thoughts on “Last Day (2012)

  1. Yep, even if you could just fit a set of 2.55’s and run em at 18-20. I agree though 6 months is a long time. Perhaps some kind of fatter tire gravel bike for some of those dirt roads up there.

    1. I thought of that. I can’t fit anything that fat in the chainstays of my frame. I’m saving towards a Mukluk but that’s going to take a little while. Winter really is ridiculous up here.

  2. I can’t imagine actually having an off season. You guys must go crazy. I’ll be making the official transition (shed, blog, etc) over to skiing shortly after the Turkey Burner. Then its all pow until April (hopefully)

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