Slowing down

Well, the posts have slowed down quite a bit over the past few weeks.  It has been a pretty busy season and, after racing at Rock the Ridge, I needed some down time from racing as well as blogging.  Even my Strava activity has dropped off lately – not that I ever posted all of my rides there.  On top of all that, life has become a bit more busy than I care for in areas other than bikes.  I’ve been riding some but definitely not training and not with any formal regularity.

Nothing squishy here.

I decided to go old-school and remove the Fox fork for the remainder of the year.  That thing is going to need some serious work at some point. I had the seals worked on mid-summer and the shop said something to the effect that my fork internals were the most worn they’d seen in a long time.  I’ve been riding fully rigid for a couple of weeks now.  I can honestly say that I prefer riding this way, even if I am not quite as fast on the descents.  It has taken some time to get used to the change, and I’m not sure that I’m fully adapted yet.  I really love the way my bike handles with the rigid front end.  The steering is incredibly precise, and it just feels natural with the Jabber’s geometry.  It has given me a greater appreciation of Kevin’s performances on the race course this summer on his unsuspended bike.  Most impressive.  Perhaps I’ll keep the bike this way and try racing on it next year.  We’ll see.

There are still a couple of weeks left at Kingdom Trails for this season and I plan on making the most of that time.  Circumburke is coming up too.  There will be more posts in the future but I’ve taken a little breather for now.


4 thoughts on “Slowing down

    1. All of the time?? I’m giving it some serious thought, for sure. I figure if you and Shawn can do it, I can too. I hate feeling left out. I slapped a 2.4″ Ardent on the front which rides quite nicely. I’m still in the adaptation phase.

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