New Trails

Kingdom Trails has added three new trails over this summer, two of which were recently opened.  One of the things I love about KT, aside from being a few miles from my house, is that they are always improving the trails, re-routing things to manage erosion and adding new trails.  This summer, they have added three new trials to the area north of East Burke village.

Swan Dive has been open for a while this summer.  It runs somewhat parallel to Nose Dive.  It is still a little on the lumpy side since it is new but I expect that it will smooth out over the remainder of the season.  I like to climb it, but I think it is designed more for the downhill direction since it has a few banked corners.

Farm Junk has actually been around for many years but was not on the map.  I remember riding it about ten years ago with a group.  It could have been longer than that but I’m not sure; I don’t keep a calendar for such details.  It is a mildly rooty single-track climb with a lot of tight corners.  It is easily climbed on a single-speed.

Sky Dive seems to be more of a downhill-oriented trail.  I will end up climbing it at some point – most likely mid-week when the chances of meeting someone riding in the opposite direction are pretty close to zero.  There are several low banked corners and it has a good flow to it.  While riding it, it seems to descend much longer than the elevation gained climbing up to it would allow.  I would compare it with Troll Stroll but I can’t put my finger on any specific reason why.

Together these trails make a great little loop.  Riding up Nose Dive and then up Farm Junk makes a nice climb.  This naturally leads to descending down Sky Dive and continuing on to Swan Dive.  The overall elevation difference would be around 300 feet.

Personally, I think these additions are great.  The Darling Hill trails seem to get the most use in the Burke area – particularly the East side of the hill.  Developing new trails in these outer regions might take some of the heavy traffic out of those areas.  I tend to ride the less used areas, and I rarely see anyone out in that part of Kingdom Trails.


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