First KOM!

I went out for a ride this afternoon on one of my favorite loops in Kingdom Trails.  I like to climb up Moose Alley and then cross over to Dead Moose Alley and climb that trail as well.  Both climbs are long and technical enough that it is a challenge to clean the climbs without stopping or putting my foot down.  The fact that I got a “King Of the Mountain” on Moose Alley is purely incidental.  I won’t deny that the thought of how my climb would compare on Strava did cross my mind once or twice.  I’ve done this climb at least few minutes faster in the past so I should be able to defend this KOM pretty easily.

Strava: turning every ride into a race-like suffer-fest.  No, I’m not addicted to this, not at all….

Two Moosies!
It’s an image/link to my ride info. because is so insecure that they can’t allow me to embed the little Strava iframe widget.

4 thoughts on “First KOM!

  1. nottypea

    I got all excited seeing your strava stuff in wordpress as I thought you’d found a work-around. Sigh, still can’t get strava info to embed in WordPress, I suppose. What a crock. I’m considering separate hosting just to do it. Of course, I’m a recent strava convert, so I may be overreacting…I’ll probably just post it to twitter instead. Also not addicted…nope.

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