Since getting this GPS and heart rate monitor unit, I have noticed that it tends to put a little extra subconscious pressure to ride faster.  Part of that is created by wanting to check my time on various sections in Strava when I’m done.  Okay, I have a slight competitive tendency in my personality.  I can see where this might push up the intensity of my rides a bit but I tend to ride like that anyway.

I ran across this article on Bike Noob while searching for something else related to Strava.  Apparently some guy decided to ignore the world around him while pursuing a KOM on a section of road somewhere and managed to get killed.  Now his family is suing Strava for not warning that this particular section of road is unsuitable for racing.  While I genuinely hate to hear of anyone dying, and I’m sure that his family is hurting from the loss, sometimes bad things just happen.   I hardly see it as Strava’s responsibility to verify the conditions on every segment of trail and road and then evaluate them for safety – that’s the responsibility of every person the minute they get on the bike.  Even on a closed race course you have to keep your wits about you.  There doesn’t seem to be any limits to the avoidance of personal responsibility.

A more detailed account of the incident can be found at Fit Recovery.




3 thoughts on “Stravacide!

  1. It gets even better… After writing my post about the accident, I got to thinking about the basis for the lawsuit – that the dead guy “expected” Strava to put on a safe challenge… What about Strava’s “expectation” that their users will not kill themselves (or put themselves in danger – in pretty political speak) to compete in a challenge? That suit is getting tossed…of course, it is filed in San Francisco so you never know.

    Stupid is, is stupid does Forrest.

  2. Strava pushes you to go faster. For those of us that are competitive, it’s like a drug. Can’t just go out for a ride anymore. Took two diggers last weekend going for a dirt KOM.

    1. Even without Strava there are a few trails that I used to time myself on to see how fast I could do them. Diggers weren’t uncommon. The desktop software for the HRM/GPS gives me all the same data but the comparisons in Strava do add a little edge. Nothing that I’d risk my life over though.

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