More Data!

Okay, I admit that I can be a bit of a nerd at times.  I’m a Unix admin, so I think I’m officially allowed to make that claim.  Merging geeky data analysis with biking is like merging peanut butter with jelly, cream filling with an Oreo, fries with a burger, corporate donations with elections, milk with cookies… you get the idea.  I bought a Garmin GPS watch with a heart rate monitor for my birthday last week.  The heart rate monitor I had had become flaky (because it was cheap), so I was able to justify the purchase as a replacement.  Regardless of the rationalizations, I’m hoping to get a little better view of my rides and how well they fit into my delusions of actually training.  The best part is that I don’t have to think about it: I’ll just go and enjoy the ride, and then geek out over the data later.

Strava View
Look… Graphs!! Oooooh!

I got out with the watch for my first real ride yesterday and uploaded the data to Strava.  I guess I’ll make it my goal to own Kingdom Trails by accumulating “King of the Mountain” (KOM) on as many trail segments as I can.  After checking out some of the times that are posted, I’m a little skeptical about the validity of a few.  Also, the way the segments in Kingdom Trails are reported in Strava are a bit of a mess.  These are created by the users so it’s not going to be perfect.

Regardless, the ability to view heart rate with the sections of trail I rode is pretty interesting.  I have noticed that the GPS tends to report a shorter distance than my cycle computer does.   The elevation data isn’t always accurate either but that’s a known issue with any GPS system.   I’ll need a few more rides with this to get a sense of where I can make changes with my riding.  If nothing else, it’s pretty cool to check out the graphs.

Garmin Training Center


4 thoughts on “More Data!

  1. I also need to replace my piece of crap Polar… it is giving me an error message – and worse – they no longer support the software I bought to go with it ten years ago.

    So why a 405 and not a 410? Why didn’t you go with a map/gps like the Dakota 20 or eTrex 30?

    1. I wanted a heart rate monitor as well as the gps so the Dakota and eTrex weren’t considered. I found the 405 on closeout which made it about $100 less than the 410. Not much difference in functionality between the two.

  2. All the data is great! But, all you really need to do is loose weight and increase your VO2 max. When u figure out how to do that let me know. And if you’re KOM’ing climbs at KT you’ll be racing that SS in Elite before u know it!

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