Squishy forks!

The Race BikeAfter my ride at Millstone, I struggled for several days with getting the disc brakes on my Odis fork to stop constantly rubbing.  This wasn’t an occasional noise but a loud clattering rub that occurred with every left pedal stroke.  Extremely annoying.   I tried adjusting the pads and the mounting bolts to no avail.  In an attempt to isolate the problem, I took the front wheel from my other Jabberwocky and put it on the green bike.  No change.  I put the front wheel from the green Jabber into the Kona P2 fork on my black Jabber and there was no problem. That pretty much isolated the problem down to the Odis fork.  I put the brake calipers on my Fox fork and the noise did not return.  Problem solved?

At this point, I’m probably going to stick with the Fox fork on my race bike for the season.  I still really like the way the bike handles with a rigid fork.  I’m probably better off using the suspension fork when I’m racing anyway.  I may look into having the brake mounts “cold set” (bent) or machined down so the left brake pad has enough room for the rotor to pass.  It’s not a high priority at this point in time, so I’m not likely to do anything about it any time soon.


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