Jersey: New and Improved

NEMBA jerseyAfter a minor mixup in getting the right size, I received my new NEMBA jersey in the mail this week.  I’m still partial to the old bright yellow and bright green, since it really stood out.  Still, this is a pretty nice looking jersey.

Also, I’m now an official “at large” member of NEMBA.  Vermont doesn’t have any NEMBA chapters but we do have a lot of smaller organizations such as Kingdom Trails, Millstone Trails Assoc, Fellowship of the Wheel, etc.  I wonder if it’s a Vermont thing to want to work independently?  Regardless, I’m looking forward to this season with the team. My first race will be in early May at Catamount.  Before that, I’ll be doing the Gravel Grinder just for fun (and some Mexican food).


10 thoughts on “Jersey: New and Improved

  1. mandy

    All of those smaller organizations are chapters of VMBA, Vermont Mountain Bike Association, itself a chapter of IMBA. VMBA runs a couple of events and rides throughout the year, but most activity is in the smaller clubs. See you at the Grinder!

    1. Nice. I had forgotten that they had local chapters. VMBA seems to keep a comparatively low profile. Definitely looking forward to the Grinder next weekend.

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