2012 Race Schedule

Race Numbers

Since a few other racers seem to be doing it, I thought I’d post my plans for the upcoming year.  I’m really just a crowd-chaser on such things.  I will keep any updates to my plans on my events page but thought I’d highlight what I expect my schedule to be here.

  • Winterbike (Mar 10, 2012) at Kingdom Trails in East Burke, VT.  This is more of a group ride than a race.  I won’t be doing the 6X race, but it’s a good excuse to get out in the woods.
  • Gravel Grinder Spring Classic (Apr 22, 2012) in Waterbury VT.  Again, this isn’t a race but a big group ride.  I have a few friends that will be there, so it’ll be fun.
  • Flower Power (May 12, 2012) at Catamount   in Williston, VT.  First race of the season.  I’ve done quite a few races at Catamount over the years but never this event.
  • The Pinnacle (Jun 17, 2012) in Newport, NH; EFTA NECS #3.  I love this race.
  • NEMBAfest (Jun 22-24, 2012) at Kingdom Trails, East Burke, VT.  Big fun weekend of mountain biking.
  • Moody Park (Jul 8, 2012) in Claremont, NH; EFTA NECS #4.  Another really fun course if it’s not raining, AKA “Muddy Park.”
  • The Horror At Harding Hill (Jul 22, 2012) in Sunapee, NH; EFTA NECS #6.
  • Single-Speed  USA  (July 28, 2012) in Stowe VT this year!!  Organized by Five Hills Bike Shop/Bike29 in Waterbury, VT.  I’m not sure if this is going to be a mountain bike race or a keg party; but I figure it won’t be in VT again for a quite a while, so I’ll take advantage of it while it’s here.
  • Eastern Cup (Jul 29, 2012) at Catamount  in Williston, VT.  I haven’t done this race in many years.  Another Catamount grass burner but it’ll be fun anyway.
  • 24 Hours Of Great Glenn (Aug 11-12, 2012) Mt. Washington, NH. I’m not sure who I’ll be doing this with; but I had a blast last summer, so I’d like to go again.
  • Hampshire 100 (Aug 19, 2012).   This race is a big “maybe.”   I debated doing this last year, but it didn’t work out.  I’m still not sure whether I’ll try the full 100 miles or “only” the 100km (62mi).
  • Millstone Grind (Aug 19, 2012).  I had fun with this last summer. If the NH100 doesn’t work out this will be my second choice.  It’s so close to home, it’s hard not to go.
  • Treasure Valley Rally (Aug 26, 2012) in Rutland, MA; EFTA NECS #7 MA.  I loved this race this past fall.  It should be even more fun in the warmer August weather instead of October.
  • Rock the Ridge (Sep 23, 2012) inNew Haven, CT;  EFTA NECS #8.
  • VT 50 (Sep 30, 2012) at Mt. Ascutney, VT.  This will depend on me getting registered on time.  Some years this race fills up in under fifteen minutes.  I’ve always liked it and had a decent race last fall.  I think I could still make some significant gains over last year’s results.

Disclaimer: I’m not promising to do anything here.  I might just randomly change my mind and go to the beach some weekend.  Who knows?  I could even slip in an extra race here or there.


3 thoughts on “2012 Race Schedule

  1. Bro, nice choices. Many of which I’ve never heard of. As far as the 100. It’s just hard. By mile 50+ you will hate everyone and everything. We have guys going to the HOGG, you should have company. Might I also suggest Bradbury 12. We’re looking for a big nemba turnout and a full encampment. Fun and festive with only 1 night lap and a good time at the fire.

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