EFTA Banquet 2012

4th place Single-Speed MugAs I mentioned when I received my invitation, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to attend the EFTA Banquet this year.  Obviously, things worked out so I could go.  They had the banquet at Hampshire Hills which is really nice facility.  I was surprised by how large the place was.  They had indoor tennis courts, basketball courts, gym, running tracks, pool, bar, a banquet area and probably some other things.  We didn’t use any of these, other than the banquet area and the short running track for the trike race; but it was kinda cool to see how much was available there.

Since I underestimated the travel time, we arrived a little bit late. Of course, I’m usually late for everything; but that’s another story.  Fortunately, I arrived with enough time to enter the trike races.  I was able to connect with fellow NEMBA racer Shawn Smith (Ride Bully) to make up Team NEMBA for this years’ event.  Racing the trikes were a bit more challenging than I expected.  Until I got going really fast, the front tire would spin with every pedal stroke.  Once up to speed, it was hard to keep my feet on the pedals and nearly impossible to get them back on without slowing down.  I floundered a bit with my feet during both the time trials and race.

Shawn and I rode pretty well during the qualifying time trials but were defeated in our first actual race.  Shawn rode well, but on my lap, I got smoked by a junior novice girl.  She was fast.  Maybe next year I need to team up with my daughter for this event.

The rest of the races were fun to watch.  There were several cool crashes but, thankfully, no injuries.  The race was won by Lis and Chris who made up team Apex racing.  Chris is a pretty big guy by bike racer standards, and he really trucked around the course.

Lots of prizes to go aroundAfter the trike races we ate dinner and got to watch some videos from this year’s races.  The food was good.  They also raffled off lots of loot.  It was hard not to come home with something.  I got gift card for EMS, some mugs, stickers, and a few other things.

I was glad to find that the bottle openers were made with SRAM chains instead of Shimano.  I’d hate to have to find one of those replacement pins if I ever snapped a link while opening a bottle.

There was only one other single-speed rider there, Tamara Wong, who won the women’s category.  I was hoping that some of the other single-speed riders would be there, especially Ryan Littlefield (1st) and Daniel Barry (2nd), since I never get to see them when we’re out on the race course.

Single-speed Awards
Single-speed awards: Tamara Wong (1st female) and myself (4th).

Overall, it was a good time.  We got to meet a few new people and talk with a few that I’ve met over the past year or so.  I would have gotten quite a few more photos but the camera we brought only had a few minutes left on the battery.  At least there are quite a few photos on the EFTA web site from the banquet.   Congratulations to everyone for a good season of racing.


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