The Next Project

As I mentioned in the post about my black bike, I have accumulated quite a few parts in my collection.  Since then, I have added a few more with the intention of building up a second complete bike.  I managed to find a few things on clearance over the past couple of months which helped quite a bit in my decision to complete the bike.  It still ended up going over the budget I had in my mind, but it is going to be a very nice bike when it is complete.  If there’s one skill I excel at, it’s rationalizing this kind of thing.

I bought the frame from Five Hills in Waterbury.  It was a pretty good deal especially considering that I didn’t have to add on any shipping charges.  No complaints with that.  I like the fit of the black Jabber so much that I had no reservations with building up a second one.

Bike Parts
It's a game! Identify the components.

This bike is going to be be my race machine.  The final build will not be exceptionally light, but light enough.  The components are all pretty good quality and should be very durable which is my main concern.   Like my black bike, this bike will be set up as a fully rigid ride;  I’m still holding on to the Fox suspension fork in case I change my mind.

The only things missing from the picture above are the spokes and tires.  It will have a 2.4″ tire up front and a 2.25″ in the back.  That should have enough squish to keep things rolling nicely over the roots and rocks.

The first thing will be to lace up the wheels which I should be able to take on as soon as I have some spokes.  I will post some photos of the build as I progress through it.


8 thoughts on “The Next Project

  1. Dude, is that one of those fancy freewheels? Been eyeing one of those but could never pull the trigger. Couple more weeks till I begin all the purchases. Singlespeed needs a new drivetrain and the rear wheel is starting to show its age. Love the green frame.

    1. I had a White Ind. freewheel on a previous bike and loved it. I think it cost more than the frame but it worked flawlessly for the several years I used it. It can be completely rebuilt too so it should be serviceable for many, many years. Great investment.

      The green put me off initially but I’ve grown to like it.

  2. sweeeeet! you gonna tension by hand and rely on the skewers clamping hard in those horizontal drops? I rocked a Surly tugnet to great effect with a similar set up a few years ago on my first monocog.

    1. The frame does have some chain tensioner bolts that I haven’t put in yet. The rear hub bolts on so there’s no quick release to slip. It should be pretty solid.

        1. “massive power that comes from your legs”
          Be careful not to inflate my ego. It becomes unweildy and difficult to keep under control. 🙂

  3. Nice Mark! Enjoy putting it together. Winter is a good time to do that. I put my Voodoo together last winter and it helps keep you pumped for the season coming. Wheel building is my favorite part of it.

    180 frt 160 rear? Mech brakes? hmmm

    1. Building up a bike is almost as much fun as riding it. Almost. I have the same feelings on the wheelbuilding process.

      The 185/160 disc combination worked great for me this year. You get a little bit better control over the front braking.

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