Upgrading the workshop

One of my winter projects this year was to clean out the basement and rearrange my work area.  This is something that isn’t 100% bike related but since it is the area that I used to work on my bikes I figured it was worth a short post.  I generally dislike house construction type work, but once I got rolling on it, I actually enjoyed the process a bit.  Tons of stuff was purged and the stuff that remains is far better organized than it was before.   The work area was  just part of the project, but maybe the most fun.   I now have a larger open space where I can find my tools, move around easily and not trip over myself.  I still have some minor things to clean up but it’s much better than before.

The work space before and after

Another part of this project was creating a workstand for my bikes. For years, any time I needed to work on a bike it would involve propping it up against something while working from one side or the other of the bike.  Any kind of drive train work was a difficult because the wheels couldn’t be freely spun.  Many other things were difficult like tire changes, brake adjustments, or truing a wheel. It was a hassle.

The Workstand

I made this stand out of some scrap 2×4 boards I had stored from another house project.  I got the idea when I was searching for do-it-yourself bike workstands and saw someone’s simple design made from 2x4s and basic storage hooks.  Theirs  was a free standing floor unit but I wanted something that would be completely out of the way when I wasn’t using it.  Somewhere along the way I got the idea of suspending the stand from the ceiling.  I bought the hinges and hooks while shopping at the evil retailer.  Considering I had all the other pieces hanging around, my total investment in this stand is just under $10.

I’ve already tried it out for a couple of minor adjustments and it works quite well.  It is surprisingly solid.  My only regret is that I bought the storage hooks from a store with a reputation for questionable quality and they really are cheesy.  They flex under the weight of a 24lb bike.  Eventually, I will find some replacements for them but they’re adequate for now.  Considering how horrible I am at wood working, I’m very pleased with how this project turned out.  Now it’s time to use it for some serious work.

Folding Workstand
The workstand in its storage position, unfolding, and locked in place for use.

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