EFTA Letter

I received my invitation to the EFTA awards banquet in the mail yesterday.   I was not at all expecting to get an invitation but apparently they are giving an award for my single-speed 4th place in the NECS points series.  This is the first time I’ve ever placed in a series like this.

Unfortunately, it is held in southern New Hampshire which is a bit of a drive for me.  There are a few other logistical issues that I would need to sort out before I can commit to going.  Still, it would be fun to hang out with some of the other riders from this past year.  Maybe I’ll even get to participate in the tricycle race like they had last year.  I figure I’ll have a technical advantage since a tricycle is just another kind of single-speed.  I’ll need to make up my mind over the next couple of weeks.


2 thoughts on “Invite

  1. Nice work! We’ll have a full complement of NEMBA racers joining. Myself, orlowski, Crossley, Devincent, and Gadway. Not bad for a low budget outfit! Nice to see you there.

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