End of Race Season Round-Up

The Pinnacle plungeNow that the weather is getting lousy, the trails are closed, and I’m losing daylight on both ends of the day, I figure it’s time to reflect a little on this past summer.  This was my first season back at racing in a couple of years and it felt like I was starting all over again.  I had been dealing with daily migraines over the previous year and a half.  Not just headaches but real migraines where I lose part of my vision among other neurological disturbances.  [I hate it when people say “migraine” when they’re only dealing with a bad headache.  They have no clue.]  Regardless, that made any kind of racing out of the question for quite a while.   It turned out to be a sleep related issue that has been treated starting this spring.   I’m still not 100% recovered, but am most of the way there and still seeing some improvements.   For all practical purposes, I’m declaring this season over although there is a small race in southern New Hampshire in early December that I may do depending on the weather and my mood.

Considering all that, I had a decent race season even though my first race wasn’t until mid-summer.   I got off to a reasonable start with a close 4th place finish and continued to gain some strength as the summer progressed.  Below are my results from this year:

  •  The Pinnacle  – a close 4th place out of 14 in the single-speed class. – I love this race.  The course is just plain fun to ride.  It has enough climbing to spread out the field followed by several technical sections and then a great descent.  It has always been well run every time I have entered.  Results.
  • All Out in Moody Park – 3rd place out of 7 in the single-speed category. –   I think they should officially rename this race to “Muddy Park” if the forecast calls for rain. I’ve done this race once before and the course was really cool.   This time is was a class-A mud-fest.  The course deteriorated with every lap as the mud became deeper and softer from the riders.  Results.
  • Harding Hill – 4th place out of 11 in the single-speed class – I’ve done this race once before and I really didn’t like it.  This time around I thought it was fun.  I have no idea what the difference was. Results.
  • Tour de Glover – 3rd overall – Small community race.  A single-speed bike was clearly the wrong tool for this job.  Two guys on road bikes got well ahead of me and I couldn’t gain on them.  Still, it was a good workout.
  • 24Hours Of Great Glen – I did this race as part of a team with Joe Brzoza, Bob Parker and John Zouck.  Team Evaporators.  We took 8th place as a team.  My fastest lap time was 41 minutes which was the 12th fastest in our category.  I had several mechanical problems over the course of the race including a bottom bracket that froze so that I couldn’t pedal.  Results.
  • Millstone Grind – 2nd in Single-Speed Marathon class. – We raced 4 laps for a total of 32 miles.  There was nowhere to rest on this course and the marathon moniker certainly fit.  A thunder storm came in around the third lap with lightning striking surprisingly close.  I actually quit during the storm but resumed racing once it had passed.   The finish times were a little messed up on NORBAs web site.
  • Vermont50 – 6th in the Single-speed category and 26th overall at 5:17  – Not much to say here that I didn’t on my previous post about it.  Results by class or overall.
  • Treasure Valley Rally – 1st place! – My first and only win of the year.  I posted an entry on it here. – Results.  This race was also the EFTA NECS finals which left me in 4th in the single-speed class for the year. Final standings.
  • Sandown Mountain Bike Challenge – 2nd place overall.  Fun little race. I posted a report here.
  • Cold Crank Challenge – 5th place overall.  Racing in December!  My report.
The more difficult part is keeping in shape now that the season is over.  I work well when I have a goal to work towards which is easy during the summer when there are upcoming races.  Over the winter months I tend to lose muscle mass and generally get a little out of shape regardless of how I try stay on top of things.  It doesn’t help that we have full blown winter with snow on the ground from mid-November through the end of April most years.  I haven’t really put a plan together at this point, but I need to find something that I can do consistently where I can keep track of my progress throughout the coming months.  I’m hoping I can start riding next year at least as strong as I am now, if not actually improve a little.

Moody Park 2011


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