New Jersey

No, not the state, the shirt.  New Mountain Cycology bike jersey.   Yes, it’s loud.  I think it will stand out more than my old one which looked like I was wearing a mud-stained-grey -white t-shirt.  I think it will make me faster too.  Now I’m off to make some last minute major changes to my bike before I race tomorrow.

The Front

The Back


2 thoughts on “New Jersey

  1. Nice. I appreciate a nicely designed jersey. Where are you racing tomorrow? And, what possible changes can you make to a bike with one gear? HA!

    1. Treasure Valley Rally [], the last EFTA race of the year. While I don’t have gears, shifters or derailleurs to mess with, I can still tweak my brakes and stuff like that. Never underestimate my ability to mess with something I shouldn’t at an inappropriate time.

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