New Trail: Eager Beaver

Eager Beaver Sign
Kingdom Trails announced that they have a new trail open this week named Eager Beaver. I’m not sure where the name comes from, but I figured I’d ride it this afternoon when I went for a ride after work.  I started riding the trails in East Burke well before there even was a Kingdom Trails, but I still look forward to any new additions to the trail system.  The trail is located on the west side of Darling Hill.   It starts opposite the intersection of Tody’s Tour and River Run and winds to the west of River Run to the lower point where Webs meets River Run again.

Eager Beaver map
The new trail crudely marked in red. Drawing not to scale. Enlarged to show texture. etc.

The trail itself winds around mostly in open mossy ground.   It doesn’t appear to change elevation much other than a small rise in the middle which can’t gain much more than a couple of dozen feet at most.  The trail on the southern side of the rise is cut into the hill with a man-made banked corner followed by a few swinging corners that rock up and down the sides of a small valley.  Right now the ground is still lumpy with very soft and loamy soil.  It was actually a bit difficult to follow right now because parts of it are not worn in and the ground is mostly covered with pine needles.  One good pass with a rake would make a world of difference.

I rode the trail a couple of times just for the fun of it.  There’s not much that’s particularly challenging about it other than the slow lumpy ground due to the fact that it is new.  Using my cycle computer I measured it at .7 miles long.  It took me about 4 minutes to ride it in either direction but that time will grow shorter once the trail gets worked in.

North End of Eager Beaver
The start of the trail at the north end opposite of Tody's Tour

I actually rode the trail earlier this week somewhat by accident.  I was riding up (north) on River Run and noticed the new trail when I came to the junction of Webs.  It wasn’t until I got to the other end that I saw that there was a rope closing off the upper end of the trail. Since it hasn’t changed since then, I guess it shouldn’t be a problem.  If it was, it probably would have been roped off at the lower end as well.  My apologies to the Kingdom Trails folk if that isn’t the case.

Overall, it looks like it will be a decent little section of trail once the ground gets compressed a bit and the trail itself is more easily followed.  If this were opened up some time in the summer months, I would give it one good weekend to get worked in.  While its’ not in the same category as Troll Stroll or Tap & Die, it should have a nice “flow” to it by early next season.  Since we are now into October, I’m not sure how much traffic it will see before the trails are closed for the season.  Still it is a nice addition to the trails if you want to bypass River Run and Webs for something different.  Another great addition from the Kingdom Trails trail building crews.

Eager Beaver South End
South End of Eager Beaver by Webs

One thought on “New Trail: Eager Beaver

  1. Must be super sweet being so close to those trails! I have only ridden those trails once (with Bob) and they are so nice. BUT so far away!

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