VT50 results

It took several days but there are now some results posted from this weekend’s race.  They are “draft” results so they may change a bit due to the problems the race organizers had with coordinating our numbers from registration.  Apparently, there was a problem where last year’s registrations accidentally got mixed up with this year’s when they were putting the bib number packets together.  I don’t anticipate much to change that would affect my standings and the results are pretty consistent with what I expected.  Overall, I was in 26th place and 6th place in the single-speed class.

VT50 Finish line

Strangely, I’m not familiar with many of the names of the riders that came in ahead of me in the single-speed class.  A few of the single-speed riders that came in shortly behind me are guys who I have raced against in the past.  After racing for 50 miles, the fact that we are all within 5 or 10 minutes of each other is somewhat amazing.  I thought it was noteworthy that another single-speed rider who is about 10 years older than me, came in only 10 minutes behind me.  I find that encouraging since that means I could have at least another 10 years of good racing ahead of me.  Given some better training over the next year, I think I could even improve my results significantly for the 2012 VT50.

Also, Joe Brzoza came in 3rd place in the “clydesdale” sport class with a finish time of 6:26.  Bob Parker came in at 7:24 and Wil Blanchard at 9:33 – decent finishes for all.

The draft results can be viewed here.  I will update this post once the results are truly final.


9 thoughts on “VT50 results

  1. Joe

    I was also within 10 minutes of 1st place SMC. There is always next year. I’m actually feeling pretty good right now – I’d do it again this coming weekend if I could.

    1. I’m feeling pretty good now too. I wish my legs were up to a ride on Monday since the weather was incredible. I went out yesterday afternoon and had a pretty good ride in the rain. The leaves are starting to be an issue though. I’ll be racing again in two weeks.

    1. That will be the following weekend and probably my final race for the year. I’m already planning on that one. I think Dave is going to be there too. I’ve ridden most of the course at one time or another. Should be fun if it doesn’t rain.

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